What Is a Fire Sprinkler Inspection? – Great Conversation Starters

technicians do during a fire sprinkler inspection. Continue studying to find out what they do and why fire protection sprinklers are crucial.

Sprinklers play a significant role in protecting a building from fire. A technician from a fire sprinkler firm will open an inspection cast in the closest spot to start the sprinklers.

Another fire department will be monitoring what is happening to the mechanical when this takes place. Before the valve is shut, the timing of trips and the pressures will be noted.

The cover plate needs to be removed and the inside of the valve can be checked by sprinkler companies. If the seat or clapper are in good working order and clean of any debris and dirt, the valve may be reset , and then depressurized.

To find out more regarding fire sprinkler inspections as well as what happens during a fire sprinkler inspection, check out this video!


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