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healthcare when it comes to althcare in althcare in United States, one word is a common one: costly. A ride in the ambulance is more expensive than medical treatment provided by the hospital, so patients have been known to renounce their ambulance recommendations when they are severely injured. It is not only important that patients physically recover and recover financially from their ailments. Though we can’t all believe that American healthcare costs are reasonable but this short video provides some light on how it got that far.

This clip shows how America’s healthcare system is very unique for a rich nation. It is our choice to pay for healthcare bills using our health insurance and work as opposed to investing in the universal health care system. It is one of the major differences among the Republican as well as Democratic parties and is increasing in importance. When you sign up for workers’ health insurance, you often need to make use of specific facilities. In the event of an emergency, these can be inadequate to provide the help that you require. The most that we as individuals can do in order to help alleviate the worldwide healthcare problem is to go out and vote.


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