The Worst Snowmobiles for Sale – Skiing Video

Eo reviews some of the worst snowmobiles for sale and why you should avoid them.

One of the most disappointing snowmobiles was the Skidoo Summit Highmark 1000. The idea behind it was to expand on the tremendous popularity from The Skidoo 8000 Summit REV, but it did not go as planned. It was heavier, costlier, and had endless problems with the electronic. It was difficult to handle even for the most experienced riders. This made it hard to market and it quickly went from favor.

Following is the Arctic Cat Powder Extreme. The earlier model in the 90s was a reliable and long-lasting favorite among cyclists. However, it was much heavier than the manufacturer had anticipated, and it suffered from a loss of power due to the extra weight. The snowmobiling community quickly discarded it.

The Polaris RMK 900 is a version that is being developed in order to be competitive with the stunning options available on the market. After a brief success, clutch problems and other obnoxious issues began to surface for the owners of these models. It was discontinued after two years.

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