Spay or Neuter? Yes or No? – Pandoras Pet Palace

It will help you understand the procedure and take an informed choice about your pet.

Spaying and neutering your dog is thought to be a type of sexual sterilization. Spaying is done to females as well as male dogs. The procedure is usually done to shelter dogs because of the overpopulation of dogs in the US, and a lack of responsible owners who ensure their pets aren’t creating litters that are not planned.

The best time to wait is when your pet reaches the age to be physically maturing before you determine if it is time to get him neutered.

There isn’t any clear understanding of what the health benefits and risks are. The reproductive organs are accountable for some of the physical development of dogs, which is one reason to be patient. Still, the long-term risks as well as the benefits of neutering remain fully known.

The solution to behavioral problems can’t be solved by neutering. You, as the owner should dedicate your time and energy to training your dog to deal with the issues. Whatever your dog’s age, even if it was neutered, behavior problems will continue.

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