Man Builds Supercar In His Free Time – Entertainment News Today

You will feel the acceleration and feel the stunning engine’s sound. Unfortunately, the supercars aren’t unattainable to most ordinary people. It is common to only view them by watching other people at the top of the screen. But one mechanic decided that he’d build his own using old cars and used auto body parts. It’ll be interesting to see how it all worked.

There was not much funds to build his car. The man who built the supercar had no money. Everything was handled by himself. After work, he worked for many hours working on the vehicle. For the design of the vehicle’s body it was made of Styrofoam. Then he welded and cut his own. It was stunning. The end result was a beautiful red supercar which looked like it came straight from a movie. In reality, it took just a matter of time before he was approached by film makers. This car appeared in Suicide Squad the next day. It’s the gorgeous purple vehicle you can see running through the city.


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