Inground Pool Costs – Outdoor Family Portraits

inground pools.

In-ground pools in America are priced an average of $39,000. Four main elements that affect this cost. These factors are where your residence is located, the time of year you purchase an inground pool, at what time of year it is purchased, and what type of pool you choose to purchase. Since different regions of the country are able to supply different materials and subcontractors this makes it possible that cost-related elements such as where you live to impact the final cost. Price is generally less in areas with higher temperatures.

Another factor to consider is when you purchase or the season you purchase. Swimming pools are more expensive in summer months than during winter, due to the higher demand. What kind of pool would you prefer? Vinyl liner pools are typically the least expensive, as concrete or fiberglass pools will be about similar in price. It’s also crucial to factor in the lifetime cost of owning your inground pool. Vinyl pools can be cheaper initially, however they require more maintenance. The liner must be changed every five to ten year.


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