Incredible and Unusual Restaurants – Articles About Food

ment. But, some establishments have elevated it to another degree completely. In this video, we will learn about some of the most amazing and unique dining establishments all over the world.

Ithea restaurant is situated in the Maldives and allows guests to eat their food while in the huge glass dome that is set under the water. It is possible to savor your meal while watching the various sea creatures swam overhead. The next place listed is O.Noir. O.Noir is the second restaurant listed. The restaurant has an eye-impaired staff member as well as guests who are served in darkness as they wait. It gives guests an insight into what it is like for people visually impaired. Bird’s nest Restaurant is another amazing dining establishment. The restaurant offers stunning panoramic views, as well as fantastic food. This restaurant is far up in the tree canopy. Food is cooked at the base of the trees, and guests are ziplined up towards the peak of the tree.


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