How to Fix a Leaky Shingle – Best Self-Service Movers

Nobody likes leaky roofing. This can lead to water pooling inside your house. The issue can also spread over time. This video will explain how to fix a leaky roof.

One of the first things you’ll be required to do is to take a ladder and work an ascent to the roof. It is important to note that the ladder must be sturdy and solidly anchored. Don’t step on the very top of the ladder. While on the roof, you are looking for any apparent issues with the shingles. One example is a shingle that has become loose. The fix is lightly hammering adjacent shingles. It is necessary to take off the staples holding to the shingle. Now you can remove the old shingle and replace it with the fresh one. In the meantime, use nails or staples in the tar layer to secure the shingles to stay in place. If you want to reattach missing shingles, you might want to try roofing cement. Continue this process using any remaining damaged or dislodged roofing shingles. You will find the leak in a short time!


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