How Do Garden Sprinkler Services Work? – The Interstate Moving Companies

The timer/controller along with tubing or pipe. The the valves and sprinkler heads, and the preventer of backflow. They all work combination at different times to make a productive and effective sprinkler system.

These pipes will be connected to your company’s or home’s water supply. The water flowing through the pipes will be directed to the stopper to stop backflow. This will prevent potentially contaminated water from getting into your drinking water.

The controller, or central nervous system regulates the valves that run an entire set of sprinklers. A predetermined period of time the controller transmits signals to valves. The valves are then released water , and the water flow is directed to the various heads of sprinklers.

There are different kinds of sprinkler heads that are utilized on different areas of lawns. Consult your garden sprinkler company for a detailed plan of the old plan for your yard. Your yard will be kept or your garden healthy and gorgeous.

To learn more about sprinkler systems, and how they work, just click the link for the video above.


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