Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation – Bathroom Renovation Packages

It is important to have the right knowledge in order to make sure that the work will be completed correctly. When considering the installation of an enclosure that is frameless, it’s essential to comprehend how you can complete the project because of the many fragile parts that need to be put in place. In the effort of getting the job done in the shortest timeframe could be more costly later on.

One of the first considerations are the large panes of glass that have to be brought into the space you intend to renovate. It is possible for glass to shatter if handled or placed incorrectly and prior to moving it into the bathroom it’s a good idea to place a rug or flooring on the floor of your bathroom. It will stop the glass from shattering in the event that it’s accidentally dropped while being carried across the room.

Next, place the glass in the spot you want to position the clips. In order to get the greatest dimensions, it’s crucial to ensure that both the clip and glass are on the same in a level position. Make a note of where you’ll drill. Once the clips have been secured, ensure that you place the setting blocks down prior to fixing the glass.

For more details on how to set up a frameless shower enclosure, take a look at the accompanying video.


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