Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Exercise Tips For Women


The video clip “Orthopedic Rehabilitation Lower back pain exercises” is a demonstration of several exercises to help lower back pain. When an individual experiences lower back pain, they often get up from their bed, but then lay in bed again as they aren’t aware of what to do. The muscles are so sore and stiff that they cannot sit up due to pain.

To avoid this happening, you will want to perform some light exercise prior to getting out of bed each morning. Do these workouts in a relaxed environment without stress or disruption. Start by laying on your back and bending your spine as straightly as you are able to.

If you are lying on your back on the floor, an workout to strengthen the core muscles is to lift your arms to the highest level you are able in a position that you hold for ten minutes. The legs can be lifted off the floor engaging your hips. Also, strengthen your hip flexors and improve flexibility by doing this workout.

These are only some of the ones you can do to warm up an aching lower back. If you keep doing these exercises regularly, eventually, you will start seeing some great results. A physical and rehabilitation professional will guide you on activities that will aid towards avoiding future injuries.


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