Common Electric Outlet Installation Issues and How to Fix Them – Family Tree Websites

You might need to have an electrician repair the issue for you in case you aren’t skilled enough. This takes extra time and cash. A lot of people try to make easy repairs on their own. But, often they get themselves into trouble. In this tutorial you’ll be taught about typical electrical outlet mistakes.

A common difficulties is connecting wires to screws that are not the correct ones. The white wires ought to be connected to the brass screws while the black wire should attach to the gold or brass screws on the opposite side. The polarity may not be correct if your wires don’t connect to the silver screws. This can be checked by purchasing a device to plug into the outlet that measures the polarity.

Some people do not attach wires in a proper manner. Make a tiny wire hook to the ends of each wire. This will be used to secure the screws. Take care not to make the hook too long or small. The latter can lead to issues. For best results, ensure that the hook extends outwards.


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