Beautiful Rope Tornado – Entertainment Videos

Every e can cause damage to rooftops and entire structures. Get a commercial roofing professional today when your roof has been destroyed due to a storm. In this video, you’ll witness a tornado that changed its shape multiple times.

Hank Schyma is a veteran storm chaser, and is currently located in South Dekota. He is chasing the path of a tornado, which is moving north by northeast toward their general location. The strength of the current tornado is EF2. However, it is getting increasingly powerful every day. Its beautiful funnel is seen sucking up incredible amounts of dirt. The force of the tornado’s destruction continues to expand until it’s EF4 and can travel speeds of between 166 and 200 miles an hour. When the storm raged, it was strong enough to cause serious destruction to a couple who took refuge within their basement. They were thankfully okay apart from a few minor cuts and bruises. Most tornadoes last around ten minutes. This tornado, however, was a bit longer than that and covered 11.7 miles. The twister was distinctive because it changed its appearance several times. From an elongated wedge that resembled a funnel to a rope-like long string.


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