Avoid Mistakes With a New Homeowner Maintenance Checklist – Home Repair and Renovation Digest

Your home’s exterior of your home’s exterior, furnishings and fixtures, HVAC, plumbing security and electrical equipment will ensure you stay clear of malfunctions, save money, and keep your house looking beautiful. The checklist of home maintenance will maximize your investment. Here’s a new homeowner’s maintenance checklist that gives your home the maintenance it needs.
1. Make sure to schedule regular HVAC maintenance

Having regular HVAC maintenance as well as heating inspections done by reputable heating and air experts is the initial step on your homeowner’s maintenance plan. The technician will look over and clean the furnace and air conditioner compressors, and then check the ductwork for damaged. HVAC systems can often be maintained on their own. However, it is imperative to do regular maintenance of your HVAC system to get maximum benefit from it. Come up with a schedule for routine maintenance.

Be aware that even after replacing the air filter, dust and particles will be able to accumulate in your HVAC system pretty quickly. It is essential that the filter be changed at least once every three months. If the filter remains in your system any longer it will mean that your HVAC system will continue to build up additional dust and dirt which can affect the efficiency of the system.

The use of an acidic cleanser for the coils on the outside HVAC unit is an additional mistake most homeowners make when performing HVAC maintenance. HVAC coils aren’t designed to be able to handle acids and chemical substances, regardless of their power. To wash the coils you only need to run an extremely low pressure stream of water. Making an attempt to fix your HVAC unit or carry out tasks like heating inspections could result in the most damage, and also high prices.

2. Be Safe from the Elements

The most crucial home maintenance items to include in your homeowner maintenance plan is the waterproofing. They can make your construction materials stronger and more durable. Water damage is one of the most feared scenarios for new homeowners. Damage to your home can occur without even being conscious. It can cause a lot of stress and may lead to the property becoming inaccessible.


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