Air Duct Installation – Vacuum Storage

Hire one of the many top professional cleaning companies for your home. If you’re not sure perhaps your air ducts have become worn out and must be replaced completely. This video will show you how to set up air conduits.

Each air duct come with two pieces of aluminum that must be assembled. Each of these pieces has both male and female connectors. They simply snap together. Once they are snapped, they should be put together, hammered and then notched around the edges to allow the second segment of pieces to join. The notch should then be bent inwards with a tool. An s-clip should be installed on the unbent end of the pipe. It allows the two segments to join. Then it is a case of a drive cleat being put in place to help hold the two segments solidly. It is put in place by hammering, and then screwed on each corner. After that, you can use Mastic tape to seal the seams to create an airtight seal. In order to create a seal made of rubber, an elastomer-mastic gel is put on the seams. In the end, insulation is swathed around the vent before being is stapled to the vent.


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