15 Activities Near By Madison County You Can Do With Your Kids – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

Activities near by e tour participation are free!
13. Do you want to play some Minigolf? You might also be interested in trying other activities close to Madison County, including the three indoor and two outdoor miniature golf courses. Miniature golf has just the right amount of excitement as well as competitive thrills, which is it’s a great method to unwind and relax for kids as well as adults.

The courses are lit to play in the evening, as well as a cafe located on site if you are looking to eat meals in the car. Make sure you take advantage of everything there is to do and see.

14. Do you need some beachside fun?

Madison County, in central Wisconsin is known for its warm, clear waters. If you’re a fun type, consider visiting Madison’s 12 beaches that are accessible throughout season of summer.

The lakes in Madison are the most sought-after spot. It is a beautiful place to enjoy stunning views and sailing, watersports, as well as sun-bashing, among other things. Madison includes four lakes, 12 beaches as well as Goodman Pool. This huge pool is equipped with slides on both sides.

Additional water-related activities are Noah’s ArK Aquapark. It is the largest ever water park anywhere in the world. It also has various kids play zones for exciting activities close by. Now, go and enjoy your day in the Madison sun!

15. Food out can be fun to eat.

Being a destination county that draws thousands of tourists every time, Madison County has invested in a variety of dining locations that you’ll enjoy discovering. It is also possible to enjoy the various restaurants that are located nearby making it a great place to try various kinds of cuisines. Enjoy fresh seafood from the waterslide restaurants, or try an burger and pizza at one of the many affordable spots in the city.

Another fun activity is having your kids enroll in the overture center for the arts. Kids playing in the Rotunda are a huge hit with the kids. The cost is not a thing.


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